Glove care

To begin with, there are a few important things to highlight:

1. Rinse new gloves after purchase and before first use. This will activate the latex and help the gloves perform better. In the manufacturing process, a combination of chemicals is possible that also needs to be removed.

2. Wash goalkeeper gloves as soon as possible after use. This will preserve the latex and extend their life.


Here are the washing steps:

1. If you have a cleaning spray, spray the gloves well first. (If you don't have one, go to point 3)

2. Rub the gloves together or with your hand (you can also put them on your hands). You don't need to use a sponge, as you could damage the latex by mistake.

3. Rinse the goalkeeper gloves in cool water as you continue scrubbing. Repeat until you see the dirt fall off.

4. After removing the mud, squeeze out the soaking water.

5. The last step is drying. It is good that the gloves are completely dry before the next use. Do not place goalkeeper gloves in direct sunlight, radiators, dryers, stoves, etc. This will destroy the latex.